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Hey Amarillo is a weekly, one-on-one interview podcast featuring the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas

Jul 8, 2024

A conversation with Jeff Whelchel, M.D., of the Healthy Hormones clinic in Amarillo and a financial advisor at Wood Financial. He's also the author of The New Thyroid Handbook. A native of Claude, Whelchel served as a family doctor in Amarillo for more than 23 years before pivoting to financial services, a transition triggered by a personal health crisis. Whelchel tells host Jason Boyett about the joys and frustrations of his medical career, why he made a midlife career change, and how helping people manage their money aligns with helping people improve their health. This episode is supported by Shemen Dental, The Shops at Wolflin Square and Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.