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Hey Amarillo is a weekly, one-on-one interview podcast featuring the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas

Dec 26, 2022

A conversation with chiropractor and voice actor Jeff S. Williams, who currently juggles two careers: He's the owner of Creek Stone Integrated Medical, which combines chiropractic work with acupuncture, a nurse practitioner, and massage and spa services. But he's also a voiceover artist in high demand, thanks to his folksy, working-man baritone and a side gig he experimented with during the pandemic. Williams shares with host Jason Boyett how each of these careers began and why, in Amarillo, no one bats an eye when their chiropractor also records a lot of radio ads. This episode is sponsored by SKP Creative, La-Z-Boy of Amarillo, and Leslie Massey Farmer's Insurance.