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Hey Amarillo is a weekly, one-on-one interview podcast featuring the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas

May 27, 2024

A conversation with Kashion Smith, the executive director of the Amarillo Convention & Visitors Bureau. After several years in the hotel industry—including a stint as wedding specialist at the old Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo—Smith has spent the past decade with the CVB. She took over leadership of that organization in 2020. In this role, she is responsible for promoting and supporting tourism, conventions and events in Amarillo. The CVB “sells” Amarillo as a destination for people who don’t live here. Smith shares with host Jason Boyett about her former hotel career in Taos and Amarillo, how the CVB works to bring conventions to Amarillo, and what unique local characteristics are helping Amarillo compete with larger cities like San Antonio. This episode is supported by La-Z-Boy Furniture Stores, Wolflin Square and Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.