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Hey Amarillo is a weekly, one-on-one interview podcast featuring the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas

Mar 25, 2024

A conversation with Isaiah Flores, a 2023 Caprock graduate who is currently completing his first year as a student at Harvard University. As profiled in the July/August 2023 issue of Brick & Elm, Flores is one of two Caprock students accepted last year into Harvard’s freshman class. Home for Spring Break, Flores sat down with host Jason Boyett for a conversation about his upbringing in Amarillo public schools, what his first year had been like at Harvard, and how leaving Amarillo was helping him better understand and appreciate his hometown. This episode is sponsored by the Amarillo College Creative Mind Lecture Series featuring George Saunders, Pinnacle by Rockrose, Storybridge and Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.